Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks HJ Mews!

Earl Grey received a special gift in the mail - a felt roller toy by moderncat from HJ Mews! I couldn't capture a video of Earl playing with it, but here's one of his little brother Theo playing with an appearance by Earl Grey at the 1:18 mark!


  1. What beautiful boys! Earl is looking great!

  2. OMG Cree, Earl has lost his baby fat! And Theo is just too edible! I need to visit my nephew kitties soon. <3

  3. Yes, come visit us! The boys miss their auntie, and Theo has yet to meet you!

    I switched Earl Grey to Royal Canin indoor light 'cause the vet said he was a pound too heavy (that's a lot for a cat). He is still a gobble-monster, but at least he's keeping fit! I've got to say, he is much more active now too.