Saturday, April 6, 2013

Merging the Cat Homes

OK, don't freak out... Johnny and I merged our cat homes. That's 3 cats from my home and 3 cats from his.

Yes, it sounds like hoarding... 6 cats is a lot! This is what treat time looks like...

I'm actually really proud of this picture. All of the cats are able to be in the same room. It took quite a few weeks to get them to this point.

When we first moved in, we anticipated a CATastrophe. The kind you'd have to call Jackson Galaxy about. As a preventive measure, we separated the cats into different rooms, letting them sniff each other from underneath the door. I left my comforter in the spare bedroom with his cats to get them used to my cats' scent, and Johnny brought his cat tree into the living room for my cats to familiarize with his cats' scent.

The first "encounter" happened by accident. Johnny was scooping the litter near his cats and left the door open. They ventured out into the living room, and my cats met them. Surprisingly, there was very little hissing! Only Sebastian, his eldest cat, let out a low growl at Warren, my alpha cat. Warren hissed back, and Johnny's cats ran back into the bedroom. We let them socialize a little for short periods of time throughout the week.

Sebastian, Intimidating Theodore and Warren

One day, I let them out for a half hour with no issues. We decided to leave the doors open for good, and we've had them roam the entire apartment since! Sure, there is the occasional hiss from Sebastian, because he startles easily, but overall they are a civil group and coexist without issue.

Let me assure you, we have NO plans to add to our cat home. Each of our cats was rescued, and we give them a safe, healthy home. We have a large two bedroom apartment with plenty of vertical space for them to claim. We keep the place clean, and you wouldn't be able to tell from the smell that we even have cats.

Some cute pics of the cats in our new home...

Rhoadie (Shroedinger) resting on the floor scratcher

Sylvester in the living room (Sebastian in the background)

Theodore and Warren, cuddling on our bed

Johnny with Rhoadie on the couch

Rhoadie sniffing Earl Grey, while he takes a drink of water. Warren asleep above.

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