Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We Got Perk'd! Review on Merrick's Bistro Box from Klout

Mom's incessant Instagramming has finally amounted to something! Klout sent us a yummy picnic treat from Merrick. Of course, the bamboo plates, checkerboard spread and awesome packaging were nothing compared to the NOMs. We loved the wet food especially. Dined gourmet-style with menus and everything. And why not? We are sophisticats, after all. Purrs!

Lookit the pretty colors!

Let the feast commence!

As you can see, we didn't leave any crumbs...

Influencer Disclosure: I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

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