Monday, October 28, 2013

Feral Cat Day, PAW Project, and GIVEAWAY!

Update: Congratulations to Amy Orvin, winner of the giveaway! It's been a busy month cat-wise and human-wise! We celebrated National Feral Cat Day at FixNation with other cat lovers. It was a fun party, with lovely goodie bags, and I met the cutest little kitty! Wish I could have brought her home, but with 6 cats, it would really be pushing our 2 bedroom space the limit. Couldn't upset the balance. I really hope she found a foster home.

On a side note, while they were surveying how many cats each person was caring for, I suddenly felt like I had so few. Then again, we aren't caring for a feral colony. Maybe someday we'll have a home with a yard and be able to help more cats.

This month, The PAW Project played at a few theaters, and we had the chance to watch it. For those who are unfamiliar, it's a documentary about declawing and its painful effects on cats. It was really sad to watch, but very eye opening.

My heart goes out to cats out there who are declawed. One of our rescues was declawed by a previous owner, who later abandoned him by a pet store with no food and water. He is afraid of humans and took a year to warm up to me. I'm happy to say that now he sleeps by my side each night. :) It's pathetic watching him try to paw at toys when he can't grab onto them. He ends up biting at the toys instead! But overall, he's a healthy cat, in spite of his painful past.

In other news, we lucked out and won a prize at Unleashed by PETCO for donating to the Military Working Dogs fund. What a nice surprise! Here's a pic of the loot. As you can see, Warren approves! Hehehe

Well, our cats are used to another type of food, so we are doing a GIVEAWAY for this prize pack! It includes a bag of indoor adult dry cat food, a can of wet food, and a pack of treats! BLUE Buffalo brand, healthy stuff. This giveaway is within the US only.

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