Monday, February 23, 2015

Stripey and the Prize that Went Missing

Over a year ago, I ran a giveaway for a pink cat collar I had received from Fancy Feast. It was a cute one with a little silver cat. A lady named Elizabeth won, but weeks after I had shipped it, she had not received it. Thinking that it was lost in the mail, I shipped her some other goodies.

Time flew by, and she wrote to me out of the blue. Her old neighbor had apparently received her mail while she was out of town way back when, and he had forgotten to give her the mail. Well, guess what was in the pile? The giveaway prize! :) It took a year+, but I'm glad it finally made it to her!

Here are a couple of photos that she sent me of Stripey. He is hard to photograph, the stealthy guy!

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