Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Drool-worthy Cat Cave Accessories

My cat boys dwell in the cat cave behind our house. It was originally Richard's man cave / bat cave, but the cats made their claim of the prime real estate.

They also like to keep his seat warm.

When their pawrents are away, the boys play with...

5 Drool-worthy Cat Cave Accessories

1. The Kitty Mansion Castle

Pictured above, the Bel Air Cat Tree from Kitty Mansions was a Christmas gift from Santa. It was easy to assemble, and the boys took to it fast. Earl Grey bit off the mice that used to hang from it, and now he stashes them in different parts of the room. >.<

Here's a photo of Warren chilling at the top tower this afternoon.

2. The Katris Scratching Post

Katris tetris-shaped scratching posts come in different shapes and colors. The boys like to lounge on theirs and watch the birds outside.

Here's a photo I snapped of Earl Grey, before he jumped off the Katris.

3. Sleepypod Cat Carrier

A gift from auntie Jen, this carrier makes trips to the vet less annoying. When not in use for transport, the Sleepypod doubles as a cozy bed. Ours is in robin's egg blue.

4. Star Wars Tie Fighter Cat Fishing Toy

Not surprisingly, The boys are Star Wars fans, like their dad. Petco has an assortment of Star Wars themed pet toys right now, and we couldn't resist.

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5. Litter Robot

This space-age contraption makes cleaning up after the boys a breeze! It took a couple weeks before the boys warmed up to it, but now all 3 of them use it regularly. I empty it once a week. The robot has a weight-based timing system that makes it cycle a few minutes after the boys use it. So the room stays smelling fresh, and the boys get to use a clean box each time!

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. . .

Of course, the cat cave would be incomplete without lots of visits from mom and dad to provide sustenance, pets and scratches. The boys hate to admit it, but they love each other, and they love us. ;)

Future cat cave plans?

Someday, maybe the boys will get a PacMan Cat Complex by Catastrophic Creations. Their designs are furrbulous!


  1. Nice to meet you, we just saw you are member of The Tabby Cat Club too. Happy National Tabby Cat Day!