Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cat Walk Attempt #2

I took Theo for his first two walks today! Warren and Earl had smaller heads and could play escape artist with the harness, so I couldn't take them outside.

See Theo struttin' his stuff! (It may take a bit to load the Instagram video) I rewarded him with treats along the way, and after the walk gave him lots of pets and a good brushing.

Walking Theo attempt #2 #catswhowalk #catswhowalkonleash #catwalk #catster #instacats

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  1. What a good job Theo does. Dad wanted to take us walking but it is too hard with his leg. He promises us a special cat fence so we can go out when we move downstairs.
    Dad did try with Rumpy but he tried to escape and it took like 30 minutes to get him back inside (he kept backing out of harness so Dad had to work hard to keep him from escaping)
    We now have a Kitty Holster. No way to escape so that may be an idea for the little kitties. They are on Amazon

    1. Wow, 30 minutes is a long time! Once, Warren ran outside the cat cave, but luckily he ran back inside right away.

      Thanks for the recommendation, Timmy! I will look for a kitty holster.