Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Cat Boys

My boys, Earl Grey and Warren, are 9 months old this December. They've grown so much just this year. I remember when they were tiny little kittens, who had to jump and climb to get atop their rope scratcher. Now they jump on it, and it topples over!

My boys are quite the jet setters. They flew to Dallas with me for my 4 month work assignment, and then they flew right back home to Los Angeles. They spent their first Halloween in Sherman, TX. Earl was a cowboy and Warren a mouse. The costumes didn't stay on very long though, and similarly neither did their collars. It's a good thing they are micro-chipped!

This week we will celebrate their first Christmas together. It's also my first Christmas in my new apartment. I'm looking forward to a weekend of silence at home. This year was pretty hectic with a lot of travel. Next year appears the same, so we're going to enjoy the quiet while we can!

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