Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hmm... Blogger isn't very iPhone friendly. I can't find an App for it, and unless I'm in HTML edit mode, it won't let me type entries.

Anyhoo, it's a new year, and the cats stayed up till I did (late enough to see the ball drop in NYC, but not late enough for the California new year). I had some bubbly, and they got some entertainment watching me try to open the darned thing safely.

Warren has been warmer towards me lately. Perhaps it's because I've been home more with the holidays. He jumped up beside me, while I was reading on the couch yesterday, and he fell asleep almost immediately, next to me. I'm delighted, as for a while he wouldn't let me near him without trying to bite. Now I can massage him under his neck, and he purrs for days.

Earl is warm as always. He comes to me everytime I call and put my hand out for him to snuggle with. Note, this only works if I make eye contact with him. Otherwise, he'll ignore me.

Earl and Warren each have their favorite sleeping spots. Earl likes the top of the cat house in the living room, and Warren likes to lie atop the cat tree in my bedroom. I'll upload photos once I get the chance.

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