Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catifying the Bedroom

Watching a few episodes of "My Cat from Hell" inspired me to catify my bedroom. Ever since I added Theodore to my household, Earl Grey and him have never fully gotten along. Warren and Theodore have formed an alliance and ousted Earl Grey from my bedroom. When he comes in defiantly, they stare him off and he hisses. I wanted to change that...

Before Shots:

Theodore sleeping on the floor

Warren and Theodore "owning" my bed

One thing I learned from the show is that cats are very territorial and need to own space. I needed to add more areas for them to own within the bedroom. I especially needed to give Earl Grey something to mark for himself.

After Shots:

I added a cat tree by the window and gave Earl Grey the opportunity to add his scent to it before the other boys. Here they are, comfortably sharing the space. :)

I also cleared by bookshelf to give the cats more space to lie on. Here's Earl Grey lying comfortably atop my chest of drawers.

Just a few small changes are already making a difference in the group dynamic. I've also been playing with Warren more to tire him out. That way he doesn't use his pent up energy to bully Earl Grey.

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